Chat with GPT-3.5, also known as chatGPT, directly on Whatsapp. Just like texting your friends, you can now get help from a powerful AI on a range of topics, from wound care to cooking to philosophy. Simply message the bot and get instant access to God-level advice!

You get unlimited messages with God In A Box at just $9/month.

How to Use God In a Box

💬 Use God In a Box on Whatsapp in the exact same way you'd use ChatGPT. It understands context too, so feel free to add responses and converse with the AI like you would your friends.

♻️ Use the !reset command on Whatsapp to reset a conversation. Conversation threads automatically reset after 10 minutes without a message being sent by the user.

⚠️ The only current limitation is that you can send a maximum of 1 message every 10 seconds. This prevents rate limit abuse. In order to make the base plan affordable, we have truncated the responses to 256 tokens. However, we are planning to launch another plan soon that gives you longer responses and longer timeouts. Your messages are not stored on our servers, so you can text God In A Box privately.
Remember, your account will be blocked if you abuse rate limits.

Have fun!